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Hisaronu and the nearby towns of Olu Deniz, Ovacik, Fethiye, Calis are definately worth visiting, so check out this website then go book a holiday in Hisaronu.

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Hisarönü is a tourist resort village in the Fethiye district of the Muğla Province of Turkey.It’s situated in the south of the Dalaman region in Turkey, on the western extreme of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and the southern extreme of the Aegean coast, in an elevated position in the pine clad hills, offering spectacular views of the beautiful turquoise coast and is popular with families and couples looking for beautiful beaches and somewhere off the beaten track.

The resort has grown from a very basic village in 1990 to a larger resort with its neighbor Ovacık since then. Hisaronu was originally intended to provide accommodation for nearby Ölüdeniz (where new building work is restricted). Hisarönü is popular with British holidaymakers in particular.

Hisaronu is a happening little hotspot for fun-in-the-sun holidays in Turkey. Great for lounging in the sun on the beach, enjoying all kinds of leisure pursuits and then partying the night away. It’s one of the liveliest holiday towns on the ‘Turquoise Coast’ corner of the Aegean,and just a few kilometres from the famously scenic beaches of ‘The Blue Lagoon’ and the seaside village of Olu Deniz.

There are restaurants which cater for all cuisines and tastes. You can also sample the local cuisine such as stuffed peppers, vine leaves, feta cheese, olives and salad. Food is good value for money.

If you like to shop you can pick up ‘genuine’ fake watches and clothes, or locally produced goods, including leather and carpets. Don’t forget to barter for it. Asking prices are at least 50% over the actual selling price. Hisaronu market has a fantastic array of stalls to explore, great for picking up some souvenirs.

Popular attractions :

Nearby, Olu Deniz is stunning and worth visiting for its lush turquoise blue waters and blue lagoon.

Exploring the ancient ruins and tombs at Fethiye .

Visiting the abandoned town of Kayakoy where over 2,000 Greeks lived until 1923 when they were forced to move due to the Greco-Turkish War. The ruins of churches and houses stand as an eerie monument to the event and UNESCO have even claimed the town as a World Friendship and Peace Village.

Activities & Excursions :

Scuba diving – for new or experienced divers.

Paragliding – tandem jumps from Mt. Babadag ,one of the highest commercial take off sites in the world at 6550 feet offering spectacular flights landing at Oludeniz beach. Not to be missed !

Paragliding over Hisaronu / Olu Deniz. Flights last 30-40 minutes and start from around £50.     Checkout the Mount Babadag – Paragliding – Live Webcam here

Microlighting – see Hisaronu, Ovacik , Oludeniz, Blue Lagoon, Butterfly Valley from the air.

Microlighting over Hisaronu / Olu Deniz. Flights last 30-40 minutes and start from around £50

Boat trips – there are numerous boat trips on offer from Oludeniz or Fethiye. You can sail around the coves and bays along the Oludeniz coastline, visiting Butterfly Bay , Blue Cave , cold water spring, St Nicholas island, the various islands in the Gulf of Fethiye, Flat island, Red island, Aquarium Bay, Camel beach, Gocek island, Dockyard island, Katranci island etc. Trips offer lunch and drinks and stop at various locations.

Fishing trips – guided & non-guided trips of various duration are available from Oludeniz or Fethiye.

Land rover safaris – tour traditional villages, pine forests, farmland in the area.

Jeep Safaris – tour the ruins of Tlos (where according to local legend the winged horse Pegasus lived), Yakapark (protected national park & fish farm), Sakilkent (2nd longest canyon in Europe. 18km long and 300m high with ice cold spring water forming a raging river), mud baths (containing sulphur, which is healthy for your skin, though not a pleasant smell), Calis beach with its beautiful sandy beach.

Truck safaris – tours include trips to local village of Uzulma, the Lycian / Roman site of Cadianda, beautiful riverside site Alacin, the valley of Xanthos.

Quad safaris – travel off road and enjoy the dusty, muddy outback through forsets and villages around Kayakoy.

White water rafting – exciting adventure down the river through the canyons to the beautiful Dalaman river valley.

Canoeing – along the Xanthos river in the Patara National Park’

Camel Trekking – around the ghost town of Kayakoy.

Horse riding – trekking through the country side to Kaya village, into the mountains above the Blue Lagoon , or along Calis beach and Sovalye Hill.

Aquapark – inc open slide, black hole, multidslide or kamikaze.

Turkish baths – a gentle scrub / massage while laying on hot slabs will invigorate and revitalise your skin. Best done at the start of your holiday, before too much exposure to the sun.

Turkish nights – with an authentic Turkish flavour. Includes traditional folk dancers, belly dancers, stories & legends, in Kaya village.

Fethiye market – have fun bartering with local traders in the biggest market in the area (open every day though main market day is Tuesday). This is the main one and very tourist oriented in summer with a huge area for clothing & textiles. There is also an area for shoes, handbags & household goods, and one for foodstuffs. On Fridays there is a farmers fruit and veg market in the covered section and along the narrow road on the far side of the canal, with prices that may be less than the Tuesday market.

Hisaronu market – (Mondays). Hisaronu market is located just past the roundabout on the edge of the village. During the off-season period the market at Hisarönü is mainly geared towards the needs of the locals.  In the summer it caters more for the influx of tourists.

Kaya village – the mountain village of Kayakoy (the ghost village)(a UNESCO World Hetitage site), which was deserted in 1923 when all the Greek inhabitants left.

Ferry to Rhodes – take the fast hydrofoil to the Greek island of Rhodes and spend the day exploring the old city, Rhodes castle, museums, shops and bazaars.

Trips to Marmaris / Icmeler – visit the aquapark, the medieval covered bazaar, weekly market or sunbathe at Icmeler.

Trips to Kas kalkan / swin with dolphins – Kas is a quaint marina town with remains of the ancient town of Antiphellos including the large sarcophagus on the main street and many large tombs cut into the cliffs overlooking the town. Nearby Kalkan is a charming little port with cobbled streets and quaint old buildings festooned with flowers, elegant restaurants, treet cafes & shops.

Trips to Tlos / Yakapark / Saklikent Gorge – Tlos is one og the oldest Lycian settlements (the Lycian civilisation existed from about 500 BC to 300 AD), with fantastic views from the Acropolis hill over the Xanthos valley. You can vist the rock cut tombs, Agora theatre and Roman baths. Yakapark has a trout farm and beautiful water gardens. The hidden gorge of Saklinent which was formed by melting snow is the 2nd largest gorge in Europe.

Trips to Dalyan / turtle beach / mudbath – on arrival in Dalyan you will join a boat cruise along the river, passing the ancient city of Caunos, the Lycian rock tombs of the kings & queens in 400 BC, then onto the mudbaths, then to Caretta Caretta beach where if lucky you may see the loggerhead turtles which breed in this area.

Trips to Hierapolis / Pamukkale / Ephesus – Hierapolis (sacred city) is an ancient Roman city and was establihed as a cure centre, though to have been founded by the goddess Apollo. Pamukkale (Cotton Castles) is one of the most extraordinary natural wonders in Turkey and is on UNESCOs World Heritage List. The enchanting travertine cliffs owe their formation to the deposition of calcium bicarbonate in the warm 35 degrees mineral rich springs, creating scallop shaped basins on a vast white cliff side. You can also visit Cleopatra pool and swim amongst the Roman ruins. Ephesus is the most famous and largest ancient site in Turkey. Includes the Library of Celcus, the Roman baths, the Marble road, the Temple of Daina – Artemis (one of the 7 wonders of the world), the ampitheater (which seated over 25000 people), 2 of the oldest churches, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and St. John. It is belived that the Virgin Mary hay have spent her final days here, and that she may have come here with St. John who spent several years in the area.

Important information :

What’s the nearest airport ?
Dalaman Airport : Dalaman – Hisaronu distance is 55km. Shuttles are a shared transfer option and are a cheap, fast and effective way of travelling to and from your accommodation in a place you may be unfamiliar with, and cost from around £10 per person, return, and take up to 2 hours (transfer times are estimated and can depend on traffic and the number of stops en-route). Private transfers are quicker and available at around £80 return and take around 1 hour.

What’s the 999 number?
Turkish emergency services numbers are : FIRE – 110 POLICE – 155

How do I get around the local area?
You can walk or hop on the local bus service, the “Dolmus” which is reliable and cheap. Taxis are quite reasonable too, but its best to agree a price before you get in.

Should I learn the local language?
If you’ve made the effort to learn a few phrases it’ll always always appreciated, but it’s not necessary as the locals speak good English.

Take a look at these FREE Turkish Language Video Lessons

Should I tip?
Generally tipping ranges from 5% to 10%, but it’s not compulsory and completely up to you.

Can I drink the water?
Best to stick to drinking bottled water.

What currency do I need ?
You can use the local currency, Turkish lire, UK sterling (English notes preferred) , Euros or US dollars, as most vendors will accept all of these.

Heatlth Services

Local Hospital – Atatürk Cad. Tel: 252 614 4017-18
Likya Health Centre – Atatürk Cad. Tel: 252 614 6812 / 616 6932
Letoon Private Hospital – Patlangic Mah. Tel: 252 612 5400
Esnaf Hospital – Dolgu Sahasi 533 Sok No 4 Tel: 252 612 6400
Doctor Tolga Yemisen – Ataturk Cad, 146a, Ovacik Tel: 532 413 4073 Email: tolgayemisen@yahoo.com
Lokman Hekim Esnaf – Private Hospital with English speaking Doctor & assisitant. Tuzla Mah, Sadi Pekin Cad. No.3 48300. Clinics at Hillside Beach Club, Liberty Lykia & Majesty Club Tuana Park. Tel : 252 616 6513 Tel : 252 612 6400 Email : hospital@esnafhastanesi.com Website : www.esnafhastanesi.com

view from cubana cocktail bar
view from Cubana Cocktail Bar

view from The Bar
view from The Bar

the bar

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